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Debudder Paste Hornex 20gm each
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Hornex has been used by New Zealand breeders for more than 50 years. The 20gm tube will de-bud about 45 calves. Now supplied complete with applicator cap which allows good visibility of the amount of paste being used (see fig.1) and then serves to spread evenly over the horn bud (see fig.2). The skirt around the applicator rim ensures that the paste is contained on the horn, and is not spread over sensitive skin tissue outside the horn. Hornex is best used as soon as horn buds are clearly felt and visible. Generally this is between one and three weeks after birth.

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Debudding Paste

Caustic paste is an effective treatment to prevent horn growth in young calves but should be applied at an early age, as soon as the horn bud is easily identifiable. If done early, paste debudding should cause minimal pain and discomfort to the calf.

Procedure: Clip the hair from around the bud to ensure clean and accurate application of the paste. Apply paste to the top of the bud, over an area about 1cm diameter. Take care not to over-apply. Apply once only. Prevent calves rubbing each other after use. Keep calves out of the rain for 12 hours. Do not allow calves to suckle for 12 hours after application. For older calves with more mature buds, a slight roughening of the bud will enhance application. DO NOT draw blood.

For lambs and kids, remove excess paste after 30 minutes, and wash the area with water. Apply vinegar to neutralise paste residue.

Least Painfull Debudding

In an article published in the Journal of Dairy Science, researchers in British Columbia found that calves debudded with caustic paste experienced less pain than those debudded with hot irons - even when a nerve -block was used for the hot iron operation.