Bait Boxes

211 196
$55.95 inc. GST
Place the Bait Box against a wall to take advantage of the natural hunting characteristic of the rat. It will then feed inside the box without fear, ensuring adequate consumption of poison. Internal rod for threading centre-holed baits onto (if available). Dimensions: 31cm long x 21cm wide x 15cm high.
211 409
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211 408
$17.95 inc. GST
211 407
$22.95 inc. GST
These plastic Kerbl bait boxes from Europe feature key lock (key supplied) to ensure safety for children and pets. Key is removable.
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211 236
$69.95 inc. GST
Sliding roof, weatherproof bait station. Base section has 3 or 5 bait compartments that are inaccessible by pets, children or any larger-than-rodent animals. Bait is put in the centre compartment only. Takes standard 40mm x 50mm bait blocks. The other compartments catch spillage, preventing any poison exiting the station. Rodents access bait and depart to die. All metal, powder coated. Locking pin prevents accidental opening. Dimensions: 3-space - 35cm long x 15cm wide x 10cm high. 5-space - 51cm long x 15cm wide x 10cm high.