These devices are used to record temperatures by means of remote probes which can be used in many types of location or industrial need. The probe is supported, submerged, inserted or taped against whatever medium or apparatus it is desired to get recorded temperatures for (eg. milk line). The unit is then programmed to record the temperature(s) at determined intervals, ranging from one second to daily. The memory can hold more than 30,000 readings. An alarm system is incorporated to warn when temperatures rise or fall above or below pre-set levels. The device is supplied with a USB cable so that the data can be down-loaded into a computer, where it is presented in Excel spreadsheet format. It is a simple matter from there to convert this data into graphs or other layouts as required. Uses around the dairy would be the monitoring of milking machine wash temperatures, monitoring of milk vat temperatures, water heating and cooling systems, etc. The probe cables are 1.5m long. Magnetic back-mounts allow the reader to be placed against metal surfaces, or use the hook-and-loop lanyard also supplied. The reader is 6cm x 9cm x 2cm. Supplied complete with replaceable battery. (Battery life approximately two years.) Range: -40°C to 150°C
212 773
$149.00 inc. GST
Taking the temperature of any surface can now be a non-contact process. Just aim this instrument at the required surface, press the trigger and current temperature will be displayed. Particularly ideal for hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects, up to 2m distant. Read temperature in °C or °F. Range -32°C to 300°C. Auto power-off. Powered by 9v battery. NB: Not suitable for taking temperature of animals.
This multi-screen device is suitable for monitoring indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity at the same time, in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also stores for recall the maximums and minimums for both temperature and humidity. Supplied with 2-metre-long-cable remote probe. Temperature range -40°C to +50°C. Dimensions 11cm high x 7cm wide x 22mm thick. Suitable for wall or desk mount. Powered by one 'AAA' battery (included). Easy to use. Full instructions included.
Big screen with both temperature and humidity displays. Also time display. Press button for maximum and minimum display, and for °C or °F. Temperature range -50°C to +70°C. Humidity 10% to 99%. Powered by 1 x 'AAA' battery (included).
206 825
$29.95 inc. GST
Good strong instrument to leave in the field or garden. Metal shaft encasing two glass capillary thermometers. Bi-level incorporates two separate thermometers to give either soil plus air temperatures to 50C, or deep-plus-shallow soil temperatures. Nickel plated finish. Length 30cm o.a.
This quality therm��ometer is ideal for reading deeper soil temperatures. The sensing bulb can be buried up to 15cm, with the scale still visible. Sturdy green plastic case, with red top-knob for easy location in the garden. Capillary scale from 0 to 80°C. Length 32cm o.a.
206 807
$24.95 inc. GST
Classic outdoor mercury thermometer with minimum and maximum pins in the capillary tubes. Pins are moved back to the mercury by operation of the central press button. A small fold-up 'roof' gives weather protection. Length is 23cm o.a.
215 410
$29.95 inc. GST
Classic outdoor thermometer, but with alcohol instead of mercury. Minimum and maximum pins. Reset with central push-button. Fold-up 'roof'. Length 23cm o.a.
Handy fast-reading thermometer for obtaining soil temperatures. Celcius or Fahrenheit. Simple On/Off start button. Probe 13cm long. Supplied with probe-protector with pocket clip. Length 21cm o.a.