Hand Soaps

Fine luxury bathroom soap with wonderful 'champagne' lather. Made in New Zealand with only finest natural ingredients, including honey, lanolin, sunflower oil, oatmeal, goats' milk and natural scenting oils. Available in 4-packs only. These are for the home.
A favourite with men and women, it can be used for dry skin anywhere on the body, but it is a real favourite for dairy farmers who suffer from cracked hands. Ideal to use after removing milking gloves.
210 521
$7.95 inc. GST
210 520
$34.95 inc. GST
Great soap to use when cleaning up after milking, or especially after hoofcare, or other dirty jobs, to remove that ingrained dirt and odour. High amounts of natural oils mixed with pumice protect your skin at the same time as cleaning it. Vegetable base. No harsh additives. Lightly perfumed.