Stock Bowls

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$44.95 inc. GST
A covered water valve which can be hung over the side of a variety of water containers, from plastic bowls through to old milk vats. The Reln all-plastic water filler is corrosion proof and reliable. The float is livestock proof. Two water level settings by adjusting brackets depth. Maximum pressure 70 p.s.i. for 375 gallons per hour flow. Standard 20mm (�') fitting. Brackets maximum opening 42mm.
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$74.95 inc. GST
This bowl achieves the benefits of several other water bowls. Fully resistant to corrosion in any water. Heavy duty plastic bowl is livestock-friendly. Hinged stainless steel lid for easy access to float assembly. Drain incorporated. Inlet 15mm, on left side only. Dimensions: 28cmL x 27cmW x 12cmD. Water level 4 litres. Water pressure to 100+ p.s.i.
217 614
$99.95 inc. GST
Stainless steel manufacture, with hinged lid assembly. A feature of this bowl is the sloping to the front bottom, which brings any debris forward for easy cleaning. A post-mount backstrap is supplied. Plastic float assembly. No drain incorporated. Inlet 15mm left or right side. Dimensions: 26cmL x 26cmW x 11cmD. Water level 2.5 litres. Water pressure to 100+ p.s.i.
Well known brand manufactured in USA from heavy gauge draw-quality steel, galvanised for long life. Swing up lid for easy cleaning. Bowl slopes to front to enhance water capacity and ease cleaning. No drain incorporated. Water level adjustable. Inlet 15mm left or right side. Dimensions: 26cmL x 27cmW x 12cmD. Water level 2.5 litres.
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$89.95 inc. GST
This plastic bowl is mostly suited to smaller animals in less heavy-duty situations. The float cover is bolted down. Plastic is ideal for reducing injury to animals. Bowl is strong but can be damaged by large animals such as horses. Drain incorporated. Inlet left or right side. ��' BSP (15mm) fitting. Dimensions: 26cmL x 25cmW x 13cmD. Water level 3 litres. Water pressure to 90 p.s.i.
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$14.95 inc. GST
The feature of this model is that it takes a standard water tap quick-fit hose coupling (Nylex, etc). This makes it ideal for garden and small block use where short-term garden hose connection may be most convenient. Two water level settings, by adjusting brackets depth. Water pressure to 50 p.s.i.
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$49.95 inc. GST
Stainless steel body and brackets with plastic water valve components. Fitting for 15mm (��') water connection. This is a top quality filler for long-term use.
This new float assembly is of much higher quality. It is of substantial and robust design with a large-volume float and positive shut-off action. This valve is rated 100+ p.s.i. The seal can be replaced. Float level is easily adjusted and set. This assembly will fit all of our livestock water bowls.