220 361
$29.95 inc. GST
This water sweeper is very effective. It is ideal for use in milk or store rooms, or any area with tiled floors (also great on tiled decks and patios). Rather than hard rubber squeegees we are used to, this sweeper has two soft natural-rubber blades that leave no water behind them. What dampness might be left, dries quickly. Suit wood handle up to 24mm diameter (not supplied).
214 195
$115.00 inc. GST
This is the ideal grain shovel. Aluminium blade, fibreglass shaft and moulded soft-grip plastic handle. Great to handle, even on hot days. Lightweight. Easy to load. Darn near unbreakable.
214 036
$89.95 inc. GST
214 030
$89.95 inc. GST
205 710
$89.95 inc. GST
This one-piece shovel is amazingly strong. Even driving over it will not kill it. Made of high density impact-proof UV-stabilised food grade plastic. Light to use. Hygienic. No risk of creating metal filings in grain trucks, etc. It is even guaranteed against breakage (normal wear and tear) for 12 months. Dimensions 35cm wide 112cm long. From Fjord Manufacturing. Made in Australia.
217 474
$499.00 $399.00 inc. GST
This is a top-of-the-range boot cleaner. Easy-to-operate tap is connected to regular water supply. Water is fed into the brushes. A sanitiser or detergent feed line is incorporated into the upper assembly. This can be used to draw from a bottle placed behind the cleaner. When the tap is turned on venturi action draws additive into the wash water, helping to cleanse or disinfect the boots. The additive can be stopped or started by use of a valve on the tap panel. A grate is provided for moving mud off soles. Dimensions: 60cm long x 30cm wide x 90cm high. All stainless steel.
220 337
$63.95 inc. GST
Generously sized and easily donned waterproof boots with elastic tops and ties at the ankle. Double layered on the sole for extra strength and added abrasion resistence. Made of cast white polyethylene. size fits all.