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Feed several lambs on one bottle-full with our 2.5 litre Easy Feeder. This bottle uses our popular EXCAL �??Little Softy�?? teat. Or buy just the teat/cap assembly to convert your calf Easy/Speedy feeder into a lamb feeder.
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The EXCAL lamb feeder is well known in New Zealand and Australia. The bottle is lightweight 1-litre capacity. Air inlet is via the small valve mounted in the handle cavity. It can be covered with thumb or finger to slow-up drinking rate, if desired.
The EXCAL Topper is the most versatile lamb and kid feeding device available. Using the proven EXCAL lamb teat in our �??Topper�?? cap. This nice solid cap incorporates a ball valve to allow inlet of air. The Topper will fit all standard 28mm o.d. thread plastic �??coke�?? and soda bottles. The EXCAL Topper is a long-lasting teat, that will rear quite a few lambs without breaking up. And lambs love it. If you wish to speed up the flow for stronger lambs, just extend the tip x-cuts slightly.
This single-place lamb feeder is being used in a novel way. Use with cold milk as an ad-lib feeder. The cold milk limits over-feeding, and also keeps longer. In fact, to assist, drop an Esky cold pack, or a small frozen bottle of water in the milk. Remember to cover the feeder with something to keep flies out. The black Excal 'Regular' teat is not recommended for new-borns, but it will last longer with stronger animals feeding ad-lib. Capacity 5 litres. Stainless steel lid available separately.
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This four-place feeder uses the EXCAL Little Softy no-leak teats. Total capacity is 4 litres (with splash space to spare) with individual chambers of 750ml each. These feeders join together to make an 8 or 12-place feeder as required. Feeders nest with teats on, for convenient movement and storage. Replaceable rail-hooks secure the feeder to most pipe or wood rails up to 38mm thick. A wall bracket is also available. NB: This feeder is supplied standard with our very soft EXCAL �??Little Softy�?? (white) teats, suitable for new-born lambs. For feeding older lambs the teats should be changed to more durable EXCAL �??Regular�?? (black) lamb teats.
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Our 10-place lamb and kid feeding rail bucket is a big strong bucket with a 20 litre capacity. The teats are our own EXCAL �??Little Softy�??, giving easy milk flow but without leaking, even when bucket is full. Rail hooks will suit any rail up to 40mm (1���?�) thick. (For new born lambs we recommend starting on a bottle for a few days before transferring to the Little Softy teats.) NB: This feeder is supplied standard with our very soft EXCAL �??Little Softy�?? (white) teats, suitable for new-born lambs. For feeding older lambs or kids the teats should be changed to more durable EXCAL �??Regular�?? (black) lamb teats.
Our �??Little Softy�?? lamb/kid teat has been designed especially for use in our gravity lamb feeders. The Little Softy features the same inverted-tip design as our famous �??Big Softy�?? calf teat, thatis, fast-flow for hungry animals, and a non-leak quality. The Little Softy teat will fit straight into any feeders using standard New Zealand-manufactured pull-through calf teats. This enables any of these type calf feeders to be easily converted to lamb or kid feeding. Or if you wish to create your own feeder, drill 22mm holes in any suitable container. NB: The �??Little Softy�?? is a very soft �??starter�?? teat. It may not stand up to heavy use by older lambs and kids. Teats should be changed to the �??Regular�?? lamb/kid teat at that stage.
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The Universal lamb/kid teat can be used on a variety of bottles, or on �??calfeteria�?? type feeders with 11mm o.d. tube delivery. For fitting to bottles with necks from 25mm to 35mm diameter, the outer �??skirt�?? should be pulled upwards and the teat plugged into the bottle and the skirt folded down. (If the bottle has no other air inlet, a staple or piece of string - see diagram below - can be used to allow air entry.) Note: For all feeders the teat slit must be in a vertical plane. To increase flow for bottle feeding, the teat can be cut in an X.
Well known lamb and kid feeding teat, which can be used in a �??calfeteria�?? type feeder. The teat can be fitted through a 14mm hole and will take 11mm o.d. calfeteria-type delivery tubing in the back. Or it can be stretched over a �??pop�?? bottle as a bottle feeder (but needs an air-inlet in this configuration). Cross-cut or round-hole tip. Hole teat is softer.