Milking Gloves

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As we need to supply all needs in the market for nitrile gloves, we have now introduced our "perfectly adequate" Economy Nitrile range. These should be the lowest cost nitrile gloves available. Use if longest-life and greatest puncture resistance, are not so important to you. Can be used as milking gloves, or for any other purpose.
Our Long Nitrile gloves are the same high quality manufacture as our Shoof nitrile milking gloves, but with an extra 50mm of cuff, making the gloves 290mm overall length. Thickness 4.5 mil. (0.1mm).
Nitrile milking gloves are now used almost universally in New Zealand and Australian dairies. Shoof Nitrile Milking gloves are 240mm long and 4.5 mils thick (0.1mm).
Our Thick Nitrile gloves are the same high quality manufacture as our Shoof Nitrile gloves, and have longer cuff of our Long Nitrile gloves, but are also double the thickness at 8 mil (approx. 0.2mm), thus ensuring they can be re-used if required (instructions on bottom of box).
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Versatile gloves for any purpose where low cost is important.
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Our Economy Latex Milking gloves are of good quality to enable you to get through the whole milking with one pair. But they are not too thick to prevent good �??feel�?� on the job. Gloves are lightly powdered, and are ambidextrous. Thickness 4 mil (0.08mm)
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Simple and convenient stainless steel wall-mount dispenser for Shoof milking gloves. Two screws supplied.