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Not as good as a proper crush box, but a lot cheaper. The Shoof Hoof Lifter is a simple lifting device which is clamped onto the rail of a race or chute. The rope is then run over a higher rail and down to the cow's ankle. This is suitable for lifting front or back legs, but must be done on the same side as the leg to be lifted. The Hoof Lifter is used simply to get the foot up to the right height. As soon as it is off the ground, the leg should be secured with a Shoof Vet-Rope. The rope is then used to lash the leg to the rail where the hoof can be worked on. The rope should be held under tension by an assistant. Continued tension will ensure the hoof is kept secure and still. Weight of Hoof Lifter is 5kg. It will attach to round pipes up to 48mm diameter.