206 303
$89.95 $79.95 inc. GST
206 306
$115.00 $109.00 inc. GST
Huge easy-to-squeeze nylon syringes. Use as a one-shot drench gun for bloat, glycerine, obstetric lubricant etc. Got to be useful. Supplied with Genia long nozzle. Alternative nozzles available including hook nozzle (see Genia these pages). Also valuable as an intra-rumen bloat injector with our Needle Adaptor and Intra-Rumen Needle.
206 304
$249.00 inc. GST
The Genia Plexiglass is our best quality volume syringe, made in France. This syringe features metal top and bottom caps making it most robust for heavy-duty use. This is especially so for the bottom cap which supports the nozzle. The plunger shaft and washer is also made of metal, so will not distort under any sterilisation. This is a life-time tool. Brass nozzle is 19cm long. A spare seal is included.
219 549
$14.95 inc. GST
219 553
$24.95 inc. GST
219 546
$19.95 inc. GST
TopDoc are Shoof's own-brand disposable syringes. Indelible markings. Barrels are siliconised to make them smooth to use. Tips are strong to reduce breakage. All are slightly bigger volume than nominated (eg: 10ml will open to 12ml). This means plunger is still stable at maximum opening. All luer-slip.
206 277
$2.65 inc. GST
218 278
$99.95 inc. GST
206 281
$3.25 inc. GST
Quality Becton Dickenson Luer-lock syringes supplied single or in a box of 60.
206 294
$36.95 inc. GST
These syringes are made to be boiled and re-used. If you are tired of using disposable syringes which fall apart on you, then change to these low-cost moulded-plexiglass alternatives. All Luer-lock.
207 458
$29.95 inc. GST
207 459
$39.95 inc. GST
207 460
$42.95 inc. GST
Handy small or large animal single-shot drencher, using our Luer-lock syringe drench nozzle on a Plexi-Vet syringe. This combination unit can be boiled to sterilise and is substantial enough to stand continued use. Very accurate dose volumes.
Use one of these all-brass nozzles to convert your Elplex acrylic-glass syringe into a mini drencher for small animal use. For most stable and secure use we recommend you use the thread-fit nozzle (206 284). This is fitted by unscrewing the syringe Luer fitting. An alternative for quick and easy use is the Luer-lock nozzle, which is attached directly onto the syringe Luer fitting (this nozzle will attach to any Luer-tip syringe). Boil after use. Nozzle length 12cm o.a.