Drench Bottles

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The Big Drencher uses our standard Easy Feeder calf feeding bottle with our new �??Big Drencher�?? probe. This probe is ideal for �??volume�?? drenching of mature cattle. The wide 70mm-dia neck makes for easy filling of drench products. The good hand-grip ensures the bottle is easy to handle in a drenching situation. For users who already own a Speedy Feeder or Easy Feeder (calf feeder bottle), the Big Drencher probe on its own will fit right on. Capacity 2.5 litres.
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Warning. If you still use an old wine bottle for drenching cows for bloat etc, you�??d better watch out for the OSH man! Glass bottles are dangerous to both man and beast. Easy Drencher is the answer. Developed by New Zealand dairy farmer Kevin Bills. A purpose-designed all-plastic bottle for safe and easy administration of volume drenches. Easy Drencher features:- easy-grip handle, 1.2 litre capacity marked in 100ml levels, 12cm long safe plastic probe, wide 63mm neck opening for ease of filling with dry or liquid remedies. Note: Even though this device has been designed with safety in mind, care must still be taken to allow the animal to adequately swallow during drenching. Drowning can occur. Administer in the side of mouth for correct probe placement.
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If you are used to doing your drenching with a wine bottle, but are worried about the very real OSH risks, then here is the answer. A rubber wine bottle! No risk. Squeeze to empty quickly. Low cost. Capacity 750ml.