Knife & Saw

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Dehorning wire has been used for many years for removing mature or semi mature horns. This special wire is made of steel with very fine saw teeth. A short piece is locked into the special handles and then simply used as a saw around the horn base, as close to the skull as possible. Change wire after 2 or 3 horns. Use hot iron or Dehorning Packing to stop bleeding. Allow animal to stand quietly afterwards. Do not mix immediately with other stock. Also useful for de-tusking boars.
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This 50cm-long, all stainless-steel bridle, can be used with dehorning wire handles (as below), calving chain handles, or any other convenient handle. This accomplishes a quick and efficient dehorning job on larger horns, but be sure to follow all usual dehorning rules and staunch bleeding. Rings 9.6mm i.d.
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High quality curved saw ideal for fast and clean dehorning of any livestock. Made from Japanese SK4 Samurai sword steel with hard-chrome finish. Non-slip TPR grip.?Hardened Tiger Tooth™ tri-edge fast-cut teeth leave cleanest possibly cut for least trauma. Blade length 32cm. Overall 50cm. NB: Use under veterinary supervision only.