Fully-sealed rechargeable battery. Supplied complete with 240v charger, and 12v charger, which connect into an external plug on the handle unit. The NiMH battery is resistant to memory, and over-charging, and should last 500 cycles. A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete. A full charge from flat will take 8-10 hours. Weight 600gm. *nil Shaft NB: For optimum battery life, run fully flat occasionally, and try not to continually over-charge.
The Farmhand Yellow prodder is powered by 4 'C' cells (supplied) located in a fully-sealed compartment. Weight 680gm. *nil Shaft
213 932
$45.95 $42.95 inc. GST
A very handy prodder from Farmhand™ with a high power output. Powered by 4 'AA' batteries. Excellent feature is the thumb-operated On/Off switch. Handy pocket size. Weight only 275gm. Supplied complete.
205 225
$59.95 inc. GST
Compact pocket-size prodder. Press button for shock delivery. Loud buzzer sound when shocking. Supplied with alkaline 4.5v battery. Weighs only 150gm. Dimensions 14cm x 8cm.
Shaft lengths quoted are over-all from prodder body flange to tips. Shafts are made of polycarbonate, an amazing material that will bend incredibly without breaking. If you do manage to break one, replacement is simple and at reasonable cost.
The Blue Hot-Shot (red colour) is the economy prodder in the range. It still has the high quality manufacture and modern features of the 'Green' range, but with a lower power output and shorter battery life. Also, this prodder features the traditional white fibreglass shaft rather than the more flexible red polycarbonate shaft. However, all Hot-Shot shafts and components are compatible with the Blue prodder, and it can even be upgraded with the Green motor if more power is required. Supplied complete with 6 Hot-Shot 'C' batteries.
205 227
$165.00 inc. GST
Quality German manufacture for long reliable use. Good power. Very reliable. Handy size and shape. Veterinarian's choice. Supplied with two x 'D' batteries. Length 23cm.
205 229
$119.00 inc. GST
Picador is quality Swiss-manufactured at a very reasonable price. Operates on two x 'D' batteries (supplied). Length 23cm o.a.