Meal Troughs

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$285.00 inc. GST
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$55.95 inc. GST
This is a modular, extendable feed trough system from Europe. It is made of reinforced polypropylene which will stand lots of rough use. Use these troughs indoors or out. Set up as a single 2m-long trough, or join together as required. Use end caps to complete. Troughs are slotted and pilot-drilled to allow easy assembly. Screws are supplied with end caps. Suitable for calves, sheep, pigs or other animals. **No end caps
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$179.00 inc. GST
Big strong rigid-plastic trough suitable for dry or liquid feed. Hooks suit rail or pipe up to 62mm thick. Capacity 50kg or 50 litres. All rounded inside and out for cleanliness and animal safety. Length 1.2m o.a. Drain plug available.