Stable Sundries

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Special shaped knife with serrated blade for removal of bot eggs. Composit handle. Length 2mm o.a.
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Did you know that 98% of mares foal at night? This device allows the mare to feed and foal naturally in the paddock or barn. The headstall should be placed on the mare at dusk approximately 7 to 10 days prior to foaling date. When the mare lies down and stretches out, a radio signal is transmitted to the receiver, activating the audible alert, and flashing the alarm light. Available also with a monitor which relays a signal up to a mile away to a personal remote pocket pager. The Magic Breed Foaling Alarm is a proven device having monitored thousands of births world-wide. Transmitter weighs 210gm. **If ordering extra transmitter to go with an existing receiver, must specify receiver frequency - A4 or A5 (as is marked on the receiver).
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Standard leather punch tool with six punches, for holes 2.3mm to 4.5mm diameter.
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Better quality version of our regular 6-place leather punch will punch thicker, tougher leather with less effort, due to the double-action pivot mechanism. Comfort handle grips.
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An economical, all-purpose poultice dressing that contains no active ingredient. Steri-Protect is a highly absorbent cotton poultice dressing, with one polythene waterproof side. This side is used away from the skin. Apply to affected area and cover with bandage. Renew every 12 hrs for optimum healing. Steri-Protect can be used with any appropriate antibiotic or remedy. Wet or dry, in hot or cold water. Individual sterile pack.
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Jack shows working horses, riding horses and ponies. Nearly all can be seen (in Britain) today and Jack includes fascinating histories of the breeds. Paperback, 96 pages, 46 photos. 2009.
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A superb book destined to become the bible for all working horse enthusiasts. Edited by Diana Zeuner, also editor of the UK magazine �??Heavy Horse World�?�, this book is a compilation of articles from leading heavy-horse experts covering a wide range of topics. Soft cover 240 pages with lots of photos and diagrams.