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'Shoof' is a shoe-for-a-hoof. This product is used both to protect a hoof from injury, and to assist in the recovery of a hoof after treatment. Horse Shoof is a low-cost, highly reliable treatment for a wide range of hoof problems, including: seedy toe, stone bruising, excessive wear, splits, cracks, footrot, penetration, abscesses etc. The open design of the Shoof allows the hoof to 'breathe', which is essential for fast recovery. Horse Shoof is supplied as a kit including copper-sulphate (bluestone) medication and a special bandage. These items have been especially developed to ensure successful treatment, even under extremely unfavourable conditions. (eg wet, and dirty paddocks or yards.) Horse Shoof can be re-used many times with our Shoof Refill-Kit components.
Tubbease was developed in New Zealand by Cambridge farrier Erin Hampson-Tindale. Erin was trying to solve the problem of poulticing hooves without 'stewing' them, as happened with most regular 'sealed' boots he used. So Erin created this rubber-dipped sock which 'breathes' whilst still protecting and soaking the damaged hoof. This 'breathability' prevents the hoof going soft during the treatment period. A thick EVA sole pad relieves pain for the horse and extends the life of the Tubbease'. Various remedies can be used under the sock for ailments such as abscess, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, injuries, cracks and general deterioration. Dimension is maximum width of hoof that will fit in the Tubbease cup. Tubbease is a Registered Design, No NZ 417646. NB: Tubbease should always be secured with the Velcro strap supplied. A bandage is not suitable or adequate. New straps are available.
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The Barrier Boot is an ideal replacement for a lost shoe. It is also an ideal protector for a tender sole or frog, and allows a horse to walk unshod, protecting the sole from cracks and chips. The pull-on fit is simple and the boot stays secure with the adjustable nylon strap which will not damage the hoof wall. Ideal for use with difficult-to-shoe horses, or unshod horses used for trail riding or other leisure activities. The size dimension above is the maximum heel to toe hoof length to fit.
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The Davis boot is used primarily for the treatment or soaking of an injured or damaged hoof. The boot opens wide for hoof entry, then closes neatly under the fetlock using the strap and buckle assembly. The size dimension above is the maximum heel to toe hoof length to fit. Larger sizes available on indent-order basis.
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The Horse Shoof Refill-Kit contains the following: 1. Shoof copper-sulphate medication sachet. 2. Shoof special conforming bandage. These items are highly recommended for successful re-use of your Shoof. They are also convenient and low cost.
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Walkease for horses uses the same proven EVA material as Walkease for cattle. Supplied in the kit are two Walkease hoof pads, one Shoof hoof rasp, one tube of Walkease glue and two pairs of gloves. Extra pads and glue are available. Prior to use of the pad, the hoof is attended in the usual fashion. Any repair work required must be completed. The Walkease pad can then be modified if required, to relieve pressure in certain areas. The outer hoof shape should be marked, and the pad cut to size. Glue is applied sparingly to the pad, which is then pressed onto the hoof. Within 10 seconds the glue should 'grab'. The hoof should then be put onto the ground for full weight bearing as soon as possible. The Walkease Horse Pad will last 7-14 days, depending on the activity of the horse. Pads are supplied in one size only, and are 17cm long x 16cm wide.