Shoof�??s own house-brand cohesive bandage. We reckon it is a top bandage at a great price. Not as stretchy or as spongy as some cohesives, making it a nice alternative and complementary bandage where not too much elasticity is an advantage. Farmhand™ cohesive bandage is less likely to cause circulation problems. Farmhand™ cohesive does not stretch and loosen during active use. We recommend stretching to full length, then relaxing by half, as it is being applied. This will ensure the bandage is properly �??set�?� for correct tension. All bandages are 4.6m stretched length.
This shoof-brand heavy duty bandage is highly adhesive for use when you really want the bandage to stay on in difficult conditions. Length 3.5m.
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$10.95 inc. GST
200 273
$10.95 inc. GST
Bio-Band is a newly developed �??space age�?� bandage which assists in the healing of open wounds. It incorporates a unique anti-microbial fibre which inhibits the growth of disease-causing bacteria and fungi. Bio-Band is especially useful in cases of leg injury on horses, cattle or small animals. Wrapping the wound with Bio-Band can greatly assist in recovery. Bio-Band can be washed and re-used. Full instructions supplied with each bandage. Bandages are 1.5m long. Note: This bandage is for use on clean wounds only. If any infection is present a veterinarian should be consulted.
This thick spongy high-quality cotton-wool dressing material, with non-woven gauze covering, is ideal as padding for dressing leg and hoof injuries. It gives good protection to the wound as well as absorbing any fluids exuded. Cut roll to length and shape as required to dress wound. TopDoc is a Shoof brand.
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$24.95 $12.95 inc. GST
Specially designed fetlock trimming scissors in stainless steel. These scissors feature off-set handles and sturdy curved blades. Length 20cm o.a.
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$7.95 inc. GST
Special lower blade on these is for slipping down inside bandage to prevent injury to body underneath whilst cutting. Also useful cutting almost anything else. 19cm o.a.