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Bovi-Bond 8-pack Set (nil gun)
221 427
$189.00 $165.00 inc. GST
Bovi-bond Dispensing Gun
200 871
$199.00 inc. GST
Bovi-Bond Mix Tips-only 8-pack
220 275
$44.95 $39.95 inc. GST
Bovi-Bond Mix Tips-only 100-pack
220 276
$169.00 inc. GST
Bovi-Bond from USA is a proven application system for attaching blocks to the healthy claw of lame cow's hooves. Bovi-Bond does not need any special skill to mix and apply. The secret is in the double-barrel 180ml adhesive cartridge and the special dispensing gun. This system ensures that the two parts of the adhesive mixture are kept entirely separate until they merge in the mixing tip. Then as the adhesive moves through the tip the internal spirals mix the product to correct formulation. Using Bovi-Bond is dead easy and needs no special skill: 1. After treating the affected claw, the good claw is trimmed with a hoof knife to leave a clean and dry surface. 2. Install the Bovi-Bond adhesive cartridge in the dispensing gun. Remove the cartridge cap with small cutter or knife, and attach the mixing tip. 3. Squirt adhesive mix onto the correct side (to fit the hoof) of the double-side block. Press the block gently onto the cleaned claw, and hold still for 30 seconds for the adhesive to set. The block will wear off or break off naturally, by which time, if you did the job right, the affected claw should have made a recovery. Next time you need to apply Bovi-Bond, remove and discard the used mixing tip (with set adhesive inside), replace with a new tip and continue as in step 3. above. Bovi-Bond adhesive sets in approximately 30 seconds after application to the block. It can be load-bearing after 2 or 3 minutes (or slightly longer in very cold weather). After some practice, it is quite normal to achieve up to 15 block applications from one adhesive cartridge. The 12-pack set above contains the adhesive cartridge plus 12 mixing tips and 12 blocks. The dispensing gun must be purchased separately. After opening, the Bovi-Bond adhesive cartridge must be used within one year.


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